You Did What?!: A Reality Check on Human Resources Practices

You Did What?! A Reality Check on Human Resources Practices Alia Azim Garcia (Onate Press, 2011)

by Alia Azim Garcia

This book is a compilation of scenarios that Human Resource professionals are required to address on a regular basis and, therefore, provides an excellent resource for training and discussion. HR professionals are required to consistently provide durable solutions that balance the interests of all parties.  The scenarios in this book will help develop your analytical skills to accomplish that task.  This casebook can be used in schools, in businesses, and by individuals. It applies equally to unionized and non-unionized settings.

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-927080-00-9

ISBN (e-book):  978-1-927080-01-6

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“The case method of teaching, first developed in North America’s leading law schools and business schools, has been enormously successful. Involving the reader in direct practical problem solving has proven to provide a most engaging and effective way of learning. This case-book brings that method to bear very effectively in the all important fields of human relations and labour relations. It will be a valuable asset to teachers and students alike.” –Michel G. Picher, Chief Arbitrator, Canadian Railway Office of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Past President, National Academy of Arbitrators

“As a Human Resources professional you will be called upon to deal with a wide variety of situations that involve employee conduct.  Your role is to fully determine the facts, to view those facts against polices and case law, and then to render a just and durable decision.  This requires a balancing of the employee’s interests against those of the employer.  Outcomes must not only be fair, they must be seen to be fair.  All of this requires thoughtfulness from an experienced HR group.  This case book provides a wide range of examples that will allow students to work through the intricacies of each case while seeking appropriate outcomes.  The time spent on these examples will equip the student to begin dealing with similar issues in the workplace.” – Rick Wilson, Assistant Vice-President, Industrial Relations, Canadian Pacific Railway

“Truth is often stranger than fiction! This book contains typical employee situations that organizations encounter often and seek counsel from HR professionals to help resolve. The HR Case Book is highly recommended for anyone entering the human resources field as a way to gain “hands on” experience quickly or as a developmental tool for discussion groups wishing to enhance their people management competencies.” – Dianne Bond, Vice President, Client Services, Right Management

“I have taught Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations over the years and I find that students benefit greatly from discussions of real life workplace situations.  This book provides a wonderful collection of just such scenarios.  The cases are very short which makes them very accessible as a teaching tool, yet they contain a depth of facts that would allow hours of discussion.  As such the cases in the book are very valuable as both quick illustrations of the real world and also as the basis for detailed assignments on specific issues.  The tiered questions provided are a great starting place for discussion, but the cases themselves can be easily tailored to fit specific contexts (i.e., unionized or non-unionized environments).  I can definitely see instructors using the cases in this book for upper year undergraduate or MBA courses in HR, IR, Ethics, Organizational Behaviour, and Employment and Labour Law.  It is wonderful to have so many case options all in one place.” – Johanna Weststar, MIR, PhD
Management Department
Sobey School of Business
Saint Mary’s University

“While reading “You Did What?!”, I realized there were a lot of employee/employer experiences that I haven’t trained for.  The real situations Alia described were full of detail. The questions at the end were thought provoking and prodded you to go in depth with your analysis of the case and the decisions you would make.” – Jennifer Hauck, Secretary, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE), Local 52

“Alia Azim Garcia brings experience, intelligence and enthusiasm for labour relations in her first published HR case book, “You Did What!?” From social media to gender issues, the book presents a wide scope of very real, very practical work situations encountered by today’s workforce. This is definitely a valuable educational tool for both students and professionals with thought-stimulating scenarios for engaging discussions.” – Lisa Nguyen, Workforce Engagement and Communications

“This casebook provides excellent illustrations of the very situations that commonly arise in the workplace. The accompanying questions are thoughtful and can only assist in encouraging proactive solutions to dealing with difficult employee behaviour for the benefit of Canadian workplaces in general. It is sure to become a truly valuable tool to students, instructors, and practitioners alike involved in the world of human resources management and employment law.” – Katherine Bilson, Legal Counsel, Human Resources, Canadian Pacific Railway

“I am excited about this new case book to use in classroom settings. The situations are all so realistic, they bring topics to life for the students. HR can be complex – there are rarely any black and white answers. These case studies will help to provoke discussion and bring out different aspects that must be examined in figuring out what to do. That’s not always an easy thing to do!” – Susan Quinn, Associate Professor, Bissett School of Business, Mount Royal University