Exceptional Webinars Made Easy


by Sarah Elaine Eaton, Ph.D.

Developing, delivering and producing your own webinars, webcasts and virtual presentations may be easier than you think. Webinars are the twenty-first century way to train more people, coach more clients and market your products and services.

This book offers step-by-step, “how to” information on how to develop and deliver exceptional webinars that help you project the best version of yourself on line.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Self-assessment: “Are webinars right for you?”
  • How to organize your webinar content
  • How to choose a webinar platform provider
  • How to price a fee-based webinar
  • Examples of excellent webinar giveaways
  • How to set up a webinar registration system (and what you need to do it)
  • How to evaluate you webinar
  • How to market your webinar

Currently available as a Kindle book from:

Amazon.com (USA) – $6.99 USD

Amazon.uk (UK) – £5.00

Amazon.de (Germany) – EUR 5,64

Amazon.fr (France) – EUR 5,64

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