101 Ways to Market Your Language Program: A Practical Guide for Language Schools

101 Ways to Market Your Language Program (2nd ed.) by Sarah Elaine Eatonby Sarah Elaine Eaton

A practical, easy-to-read book for owners, principals and managers of language schools. The ideas offered are low-cost, creative and innovative. Topics include: assessing what you offer, developing a marketing strategey, writing effective marketing materials, creating an outstanding web page and much more.

Paperback: 145 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0973359412
ISBN-13: 978-0973359411
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.5 inches


“Reading this book is a must for all Canadian language program administrators.” – Judy Hasinoff, Program Administrator, Lethbridge Community College, Lethbridge, Canada

“Every language school should have a copy of 101 Ways To Market Your Language Program. It is an easy to use reference tool that is full of useful marketing ideas.” – Ron Horton, President, Canadian English Academy

“With only one page per suggestion, ideas are easily identified and can be implemented one by one… This is what we are all looking for – practical help to boost our language programs.”- Erva Sherwood, Manager, Maple Leaf Academy, Calgary, Canada

“This is a really refreshing, easy book to read! It serves as a purposeful reminder to those with marketing experience, as well as a ‘handbook’ for those new to marketing. I keep it handy to remind myself of ideas I may have forgotten. (And I mean… right on my desk!)” – Barbara Suderman, Instructor / Marketing  consultant, Maple Leaf Academy, Calgary, Canada

“It is full of helpful ideas, many of which can easily be implemented in Germany too…. Your book really fills a gap here. I do not know of any similar publication in Germany.” – Prof. Dr. W. Brand, Universitat Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

“I had confidence in this author as soon as I read the introduction. Sarah recognizes the realities faced by many language programs. The ideas are straightforward and usable in the situations we operate in. There are 101 practical ideas to try. Everyone will be able to find ideas that will promote the health and growth of their language programs. This is a great book of ideas. The ideas are organized so that it is easy for readers to pick and choose what is applicable and practical for their particular programs. This book is written so that you can pick it up and find something new to try. It is also a great book to share with the teaching staff as it stimulates creative thinking.” – Dianne Desrosiers, Language Coordinator, Grande Prairie Regional College, Alberta, Canada

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101 Ways to Market Your Language Program from Dr. Sarah Eaton.

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